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Not another Sycamore Kit - Yes, you betcha!  15-08-2019

Just a quick update about our new 1/48 scale kit - the Bristol Sycamore Mk.4/HR.50, including RAAF/RAN/RAF and civilian subjects.

This kit is exclusive to Red Roo Models.

The kit is injection moulded plastic with Digital Silk decals, painting templates and a detailed instruction booklet. We were not able to get this one into the last update because we were waiting on one part that was delayed. Full details can be found here:

New this month and the big move  10-08-2019

This month we have two new limited edition 1/72 scale kits. These are exclusive to Red Roo Models.

The first is our 1/72 scale Bristol Sycamore Mk.3/HR.50 in RAAF, RAN and civilian service. This multimedia kit is comprised of injection moulded plastic, brass castings, metal parts, a resin conversion/enhancement set, Digital Silk decals and detailed full colour 20 page instruction booklet. Three helicopters are featured on the decal sheet: A91-1 in RAAF markings, then as VH-GVR when owned by J. Rose Motors in the distinctive white/red/green colour scheme and RAN HR.50 XA219, which was flown by HRH Prince Phillip during his Australian visit in 1956. You can find all the details by following this link:

Our second kit is the exquisite and petite PA-38 Piper Tomahawk Air Training Corp. This delightful 1/72 scale resin kit feature two aircraft operated by Air Queensland and Aero training Camden for the Air Training Corp. This kit features a vacform canopy and Digital Silk decals. For all the details follow the link below:

The Big Move:

Red Roo Models is moving - well, at least the website is. The website will be moved to a new server on 28 August 2019. While this should not affect our customers it is best to be prepared. It could be possible that the site may be down for a few hours following the move as servers around the world pick up the new IP address. If this happens when you go online looking for us just do a Google search and bookmark the new URL (make sure you delete the old one in your browser bookmarks to avoid confusion). You will know you are on the new website because it is radically different from our current site. Once we are established on the new site we will send out a welcome email to all our newsletter subscribers. This information will be placed on Aussie Modeller International, Britmodeller and HyperScale so when the time comes for the new newsletter check your email - if you do not receive the welcome email at the end of August, pop over to the sight as you may have to re-subscribe again. We doubt that this will be the case but if it is required we will let you know via the three model ling sites mentioned above.

Red Roo Team Attending Conference Next Week  08-07-2019

Just a quick heads up to let you know that the Red Roo team will be away next week attending the 2019 RAAF History and Heritage Publishing Symposium in Canberra 10 July - 12 July.

The website will function as normal so please feel free to place your orders via the website.

The office will be unattended for the week so all orders received will be processed on our return from the 15th of July.

Post-Model Expo Clean Up  12-06-2019

We are back at work and finishing up the post-show stocktake. By Friday at the lastest all backlog of orders from the show weekend will be on their way. Thanks for your patience.

Red Roo Models Appointed Arma Hobby Distributor  21-05-2019

Red Roo Models Appointed Australia/New Zealand Distributor for Arma Hobby Model Kits.

We are very pleased to announce that Red Roo Models has been appointed the Australia and New Zealand distributor of Arma Hobby model kits. Our first shipment is on the way and we hope to be able to offer kits to modellers and retailers shortly.

Much has been said about the outstanding Arma Hobby Hurricane Mk.I in1/72 scale recently; all of it completely justified. This amazing kit is probably the best 1/72 scale Hurricane kit available at this time. Even more exciting is the imminent release of the Hurricane Mk.I Tropical kit in 1/72 scale. This kit features RAAF markings to allow the modeller to build the sole Australian Hurricane in either the Foliage Green/Earth Brown/Sky Blue scheme or the final overall Aluminium dope finish.

As soon as the kits arrive and are ready for distribution, we will notify our newsletter subscribers.

Another New Item in April at Red Roo Models  04-04-2019

We have just received our first shipment of Airone Hobby Fabric Effect Airbrushing Masks. These masks allow you to accurately create the "weathered" effect on your model's aircraft fabric covered control surfaces. Check out these new masks on the Airone Hobby page in our accessory group.

New Items in April...  30-03-2019

First up: we have just boxed the final edition of the magnificent Lift Here! 1/72 scale Tugan Gannet. This edition is the camouflaged version and includes decals for the Air Ambulance version. Have a look here for more information. This is the final edition of this outstanding kit.

Staying with 1/72 scale we have just had limited supply of the new Special Hobby Kittyhawk Mk.III (long tail P-40K). This kit features a full colour instruction booklet with decals for A29-189, AM-A, of 75 Sqn Milne Bay, 1943; FR450, OK-M of 450 Sqn, Tunisia, 1943; and 06 II Grupo Monoposto Monomotor, FAB (Brazilian Air Force, base at Recife in Brazil during 1943. Some very interesting choices for the modeller - check it out here.

Next up we have just got our shipment of the new MK1 Models 1/144 scale Mirage IIIO/IIIEP/IIIRZ/5AD kit. This is a very nicely moulded small scale kit which offers the builder the choice between a GAF Mirage IIIO(F) of 76 Sqn RAAF (early 1970s), an AMD Mirage IIIEP of 5 Sqn Pakistan Air Force, a Mirage IIIRZ of 2 Sqn SAAF and a Mirage 5AD of 2 Sqn UAEAF. You can see the details here.

The last item on today's news concerns the 1/48 scale Red Roo Avon Sabre conversion. As was mentioned last month, the moulds for this conversion are now no longer usable. A number of the shots supplied with our last order were classed as "seconds". These conversions were either short shot or had surface defects and imperfections. However, none of these are beyond the scope of a competent modeller to repair during construction. Consequently we are offering these very last examples of this conversion, which includes decals and the standard heavily illustrated instruction sheet at a very low price. Check the details for this offer here.

P-51D-20/CAC Mustang Upgrade for Airfix Kit  18-02-2019

We have just released our 1/48 scale upgrade set for the Airfix P-51D kit. This allows the modeller to accurately render the -20 seriea and the CAC Mustangs fitted with the IFF and having the battery relocated. Look here.

Back on Deck...  07-01-2019

We are back on deck today. Orders that came in over the holiday break have been shipped. Newsletter will be going out shortly.

Season's Greetings   21-12-2018

Ed, Richard and myself would like to wish all our wonderful customers the very best for the holiday season. We hope that you all enjoy a very happy time with family and friends and a prosperous New Year.

The office will be unattended from 21 December 2018 untill 7 January 2019. Orders may be lodged via the website as usual. We have quite a number of new and exciting projects planned for 2019, including some new Red Roo kits, decals and introducing new manufactuers to Oz.

New MiG Killers Pt 2 Decals and P-38 Conversion  01-12-2018

Our new 1/48 scale MiG Killers Pt 2 decal sheet is now available. This is a limited edition sheet covering the actions on 29 August 1951 and 1 December 1951. Designed for use with the kit national markings this sheet provides the serial numbers of the Meteors involved.

Our 1/48 scale RAAF P-38 Lightning (PR) conversion makes a return to stock as Academy have re-released their "Glacier Girl" P-38 kit which is the base for the conversion. This is an ideal conversion for "first timers" as it is very simple and easy to use.

Back from Canberra  16-11-2018

We have returned from a very good show in Canberra last weekend and have started processing the backlog of orders that built up during our trip. All orders should be out the door by Monday. The last to go will be the ones for books which are printed on demand. I am busy binding the books today.

Attending Scale ACT 2018 10-11 November 2018  08-11-2018

We are attending the Canberra Model Expo this coming weekend, travelling up to the ACT tomorrow (Friday) and returning to Melbourne on the following Monday (12 Nov 18).

We are looking forward to seeing all our customers from Canberra, Sydney and surrounding areas at the show. We will be releasing our P-51 Mustang Upgrade for the 1/48 scale Airfix kit at the show. This will be available on the website upon our return to home base. The upgrade features a set of rocket stubs and the IFF set for the P-51K and CAC CA-18 Mustangs flown by the RAAF.

Back online and heading to Adelaide for SA Model Expo  11-10-2018

We are back online this morning, finally!

We are heading to Adelaide on Friday for the SAPMA 2018 SA Model Expo and look forward to seeing all of our South Australian customers at the show.

Telstra Problems  07-10-2018


New Red Roo Product this Month  15-08-2018

Newly released 1/48 scale Meteor wheel sets featuring block tread tyres. Suitable for Airfix and Classic Airframes kits.

Blackbird Models Neptune Conv and red Roo Meteor U.Mk.21A Conv  20-07-2018

We have just added the Blackbird Models P2V-5 Neptunre Conversion, bundled with our decals, and released the Red Roo Meteor U.Mk.21A Conversion for the Airfix kit.

New and Re-stocked DK Decals  17-06-2018

We have just recieved a large shipment of DK Decals in 1/48 and 1/72 scales. Some popular sheets have been re-stocked and some new sheets added. Check out the DK Decals pages for more details.

Red Roo Attending Model Expo 2018  05-06-2018

Red Roo Models will be attending the Australian Model Expo 2018 at the Sandown Racecourse Convention Centre over the coming long weekend. Orders may be placed via the website as normal but these will not be actioned until later next week, after Wednesday 13 June.

We will be closed on 12 June to attend the memorial service of our long time good friend and fellow modeller Fred Harris who passed away last weekend after a brief illness.

Payment Gateway Issue  04-05-2018

A fault with the secure payment page appears to have developed overnight. At this time we do not know what is wrong. Both our web host support and SecurePay have been contacted to find out what is wrong and how it can be fixed.

At this time you cannot place orders through the website so if you are in Australia please call us on the office phone line.

We hope this issue will resolved today. Once the problem has been fixed we will announce it on our News page.



SecurePay has just advised us that this is a fault with the bank server which both parties are working on. SecurePay has indicated that they will advise Red Roo when the problem has been resolved.

eGate Working Again  04-05-2018

It appears that the eGate API is working correctly again. I have created a test order about 10 minutes ago and everything worked correctly. International customers should be mindful that it may take several hours for servers around the world to pick up the repaired eGate so if you experience difficulty placing an order please try again 24 hours later.

Red Roo Now Selling Second Hand Kits  03-05-2018

We now have a Second Hand Kit section added to the website. Periodically we acquire second hand kits from modellers which we can now offer on the website at reduced prices. Customers should be aware that the kits offered are sold "as is" and that there will normally only be one of each available.

More new stuff for March 2018  22-03-2018

Four new decal sheets and a great new Neptune Combo Pack that will blow your mind!

1/72 and 1/48 scale decals for 75 Squadron post-war CAC Mustangs and 21/23 Squadron CAC Mustangs of the CAF. Check the relevant decals section.

Our stunning new P2V-5/5F Neptune Combo Pack - Hasegaw 1/72 Neptune kit, plus Blackbird Models P2V-5 Conversion and Red Roo decals. Check out Red Roo Model Kits.

New for March  09-03-2018

New arrivals this month include:

RRR48180 13ft Diameter HS Propeller in white metal. These are suitable for the A-20 Boston, F6F-3 and F6F-5 Hellcat, and the F4U-1 Corsair.

RRK72005 1/72 scale P-51C Mustang, 3 Squadron RAAF Italy 1944. This is a complete injection moulded plastic kit with decals for three aircraft flown by the squadron during the Italian campaign. All these aircraft feature the retro-fitted dorsal fin.

RRR48155 1/48 Scale WWII 60lb Rockets for the Tamiya Beaufighter and now back in stock.

We have just released our 1/48 scale P-51 Mustang SRC-522-A Radio Mast brass casting. This item is suitable for NAA P-51-D/K and CAC Mustangs. Cast in brass for strength so it won't bend and moulded with an extra long locating pin, the mast will firmly attach to your Mustang fuselage and end annoying breakages during handling, not to mention the frustrating hunt for the plastic parts on the floor. Yes, the carpet monster will go hungry this time around! We are working on more radio masts for other aircraft.

As well we have re-stocked our very popular 1/48 scale Meteor Mk.8 Stencil Airframe Data decals. These decals provide the modeller with the correct airframe stencil data for the RAAF Meteors and are a "must have" for any serious RAAF Meteor project.

In collaboration with Dekno Models of Spain we have released a 1/72 scale resin kit of the Stinson SR-8C Reliant. This kit features exceptional moulding, the correct shaped windscreen, a detailed and beautifully printed decal sheet and precision laser cut paint masks to allow the modeller to replicate the complex factory applied colour scheme. Although a tad on the expensive side this outstanding kit is worth every cent and will result in a really excellent model of the Reliant.

New in February 2018  17-02-2018

We have had several items re-stocked in February - the Special Hobby 1/48 scale Boomerang and Wirraway are back in stock as well as our 1/72 scale British Depth Charges.

The new-tool High Planes 1/72 scale Mirage IIIO/D Twin Pack is now available. This boxing features two RAAF Mirage kits, allowing the modeller the chance to build both the Mirage IIIO and the Mirage IIID (or two of either variant). A variety of colour schemes are offered as the decal sheet covers four different aircraft. The ARDU nose is also included in the kit. The kit offers great value for money when you consider that there are two complete kits in the box.

We still have good stocks of Ultracast 1/48 scale resin aircraft accessories that are relevant to Australian aircraft.

In late January we released our new book - A Tale of Two Sycamores - which tells the story of the RAAF's two Bristol Sycamore Helicopters. The book is written by Care Care, author of The 'Stang. The books presents a detailed history, photographs, profile drawings and a round up of models kits.

We plan to re-issue our 1/72 scale DSTO Beechcraft kit and our Sabre slatted wings in both 1/72 and 1/48 scale during the year.

Back at Work  08-01-2018

Red Roo Models is now open and processing orders received over the holiday period. Most items should be sent out by the end of the week.

Season's Greetings  23-12-2017

Richard, Ed and myself wish all our valued customers all the very best for the holiday season of 2017. We hope that lots of nice shiny plastic finds its way into your celebrations and that you find some time for modelling in the next couple of months. We thank all our wonderful customers for their support over the year and especially offer a hearty welcome to the many new customers who purchased from us either online or at the various shows we attended throughout the year.

Red Roo Models will be closed from 22 December 2017 and will re-open on 8 January 2018. The website will function as normal but the office may not be attended during this time. All orders received during this period will be processed after 8 Jan 18.

Red Roo Attending ACT Show  07-11-2017

Red Roo Models is now closed so we can pack the shop up and head for Canberra where we will be attending the Model Expo this weekend (11-12 Nov). All orders from the website will be dealt with next week when we return. We look forward to seeing all of ACT and Sydney customers in Canberra this coming weekend.

Little Lenses no longer available  05-11-2017

For over 12 months we have been attempting to purchase replacement stock of Little Lenses to offer to our customers in Australia. We have been unable to secure further supply as the manufacturer has either decided not to supply us or is incapable of fulfilling our order. We have been attempting to source an alternative product without success. We found one similar product which was sevrely limited in size (only 3mm and 5mm diameter available) but the manufacturer refused to supply a sample and demanded a significatly large purchase to "secure" a sample.

We are disapppointed that we can no longer supply a product we pioneered in this country but so be it. We will contiune to seek an alternative but this may prove to be lengthy or impossible.

Red Roo Attending SAPMA Model Expo 14-15 Oct 2017  12-10-2017

We will be away at the South Australian Model Expo this coming weekend. All orders placed between today and Wednesday 18 Oct 2017 will be processed when we have returned and unpacked the shop.

We are looking forward to seeing all our South Australian customers, so make sure you stop by our stand. We will have quite a few new goodies available for the show.

New in Spetember at Red Roo Modelds  14-09-2017

Just in from DK Decals:

DKD32002 - Czech Pilots flying Spitfire Mk I/IIs in the RAF. See the DK Decals 1/32 scale page. This decal sheet features 6 camouflage and markings schemes.

DKD72046 - Spitfire Mk VI/VII/IX High Altitude Fighters which features 30 camouflage shemes.

DKD72047 - B-34/PV-1 Ventura in RAAF Service which covers 15 camouflage schemes for Aussie Venturas in the MTO and SWPA/Australia regions.

DKD72048 - B-34/PV-1 Ventura in RAF and Commonwealth Servcie. This sheet features 15 camouflage schemes for aircraft of the RAF, RCAF, RNZAF and SAAF during WWII.

The last three decal sheets can be found on the DK Decals 1/72 scale page.

Back at Work  07-07-2017

I am back at work today. Pretty much recovered from a very nasty bug. Both Ed and Richard also got this, we think at the Model Expo.

Orders Shipped Now but some Delays  20-06-2017

The vast majority of orders that came in over the recent long weekend had been sent off on Monday this week. A few orders that require books to be printed are still waiting for my attention. Unfortunately I have now become very sick with the dreaded lurgi and will be off work for a few days. I will try to make up the orders as fast as I can.

Red Roo Attending Model Expo this Weekend  08-06-2017

We will be attending the Australian Model Expo this long weekend.

We have quite a number of new releases especially for the show. These include two new 1/48 scale 77 Squadron Korean War Meteor aircraft (Nose Art Pt 1 & 2) - have a look for these under Decals - 1/48 scale. We have also released our detail set for the 1/48 scale Airfix Meteor Mk.8 to accurately reproduce an RAAF Mk.8 - you can find this under 1/48 Scale Resin.

We have also released our RAAF Ventura Conversion, in both 1/72 and 1/48 scale - you can find these under 1/48 Scale Resin and 1/72 Scale Resin.

Because we are trading at the show, starting tomorrow when we set up our site, online orders will not be processed until after the show when we have unpacked. Do not worry because all orders received will be processed as quickly as possible - it is just that we can't be in two places at once!

If you are attending the show please stop by our stand to say hello and check out the new items just released.

Friday New Product Quick Pick  10-03-2017

We have just added a new 1/48 scale resin casting to our range. Check out the link here. This set of Beaufighter straight exhausts is inexpensive and dead easy to fit to the Tamiya Beaufighter.

New Stuff at Red Roo  23-02-2017

Today we have a couple of new items just arrived in store.

First up: our new Gloster Meteor Mk.7 and Mk.8 External Fuel Tanks Markings decal sheet. This sheet provides all the stencil data markings for two wing tanks and one ventral tank. A handy selection of serial numbers allows the modeller to mark the ventral tank to match any RAAF Meteor. For full details follow this link to the website.

Next we have the return of our popular 1/72 scale GAF Lincoln Enhancement Set which is designed for used with the Blackbird Models Lincoln Conversion and the Airfix Lancaster B.II kit. This 33 part multi media detail set provides all the part required to create an exact model of a RAAF Lincoln, either Mk 30 or Mk 31 (long nose). Features resin, plastic and brass parts, plus a highly detailed instruction sheet. For more information check out the website by following this link.

We have just received new stock of the High Planes SNECMA ATAR 9C Exhaust Pipe. This resin accessory enables the Australia Mirage IIIO/D version to be depicted by the modeller. We have managed to keep the price down to that previously charged. See the details here.

Lastly, our 1/72 scale RAAF Short 'C' Class Empire Flying Boat Conversion for the CMR kit is still available - take a look here.

I'm Baaaaaaack!  13-01-2017

I am back at work and have just cleared the back-log of orders that built up over the holiday period. I want to say a very big thank you to all the kind people who emailed or phoned to wish me a quick return to good health. I was very touched and humbled by your concern.

There are a few orders that I was not able to complete because the items have yet to arrive in stock. It seams like Aussie Post have fellen into a big hole and disappeared over the holiday period because lots of stuff we have on order has simply not turned up. I can take some comfort from the fact that Red Roo is not the only retailer affected by this issue. Rest assured that as soon as I get the MIA stock in I will get it out to you as quick as I can.

Red Roo Closed Until 10 Jan 2017  22-12-16

Due to the sudden onset of illness Red Roo Models is closed from 22 December 2016 until Approximately 10 Jan 2017. Any orders currently being processed and any received during this time frame will not be processed until after 10 Jan 2017.

Please note the office will be unattended during this period.


New Meteor Decals Now Available  18-11-2016

We have just finished clearing the backlog of orders that had resulted from our trip to Canberra for the ACT Scale Modellers Society 2016 Expo. The show was excellent, attracting a record number of competition entries and more traders than the previous year. We had a great time chatting to our Canberra and Sydney customers who visited the Red Roo stand. Some of our customers traveled from central NSW down to Canberra for the show so we really appreciate their dedication.

This month we have received limited stock of the DK Decals 1/72 scale RNZAF Spitfire and Lockheed Hudson decal sheets and these can be found on the website here.

At the Canberra show we released our brand new 1/48 scale Meteor decal sheet; MiG Killers - 77 Squadron RAAF in Korea. This sheet covers the aircraft flown by 77 Squadron pilots who shot down MiG-15 fighters during the Korean War. Full details can be found by following this link to the website. There are two other decal sheets due for release in the first half of 2017 that cover all known and identified Meteors that carried nose art while serving with the squadron. These sheets are also in 1/48 scale. The 1/72 scale versions of the sheets are being produced by DK Decals and will appear through 2017.

We also have just received our latest shipment of EZ-Line and over the next week or so I will be posting out backorders for this product.

We hope to have a revised Meteor U Mk 21 Conversion available in the first quarter of 2017.

Red Roo Models Closed 8 November to 16 November   08-11-2016

Red Roo Models will be closed from 8 November to 16 November while we pack up the shop and prepare for our annual trip to Canberra to attend this year's model expo.

The website will function as usual and orders may be placed on the website. Any orders placed between 8 Nov and 16 November will not be dealt with until our return from the Canberra show.

We have a couple of new products for release in Canberra and we look forward to seeing as many of our ACT and Sydney customers as possible at the show on 12-13 November. This year's show appears to be bigger and better than last year and we have been told that there are more traders attending this year than last.

Back from Adelaide  18-10-2016

We are back from the SA Model Expo. It was great to catch up with our Adelaide based customers and we had a great time. Over the next few days we will unpack to shop and process order that came in while we were away.

Red Roo Now Attending SA Model Expo  13-10-2016

We are now closed so we can attend the SA Model Expo this coming weekend. We will re-open on 18 Oct 2016. Orders may be placed via the website as normal but will not be processed until after next Tuesday when we return.

We look forward to seeing all our South Australian customers at the show.

Postage Calculator Back On-line 6 Sep 16  06-09-2016

The Australia Post Postage Calculator relocation and re-linking has been completed.

Postage Calculator Off-line for some of today  05-09-2016

The Australia Post Postage Calculator has outgrown its current residence so they are moving it to a brand new sparkling server today. This will mean that you may not be able to place an order on-line for some a short period today. Our IT support team is busy linking up to the postage calculator's new home so this will only be a temporary issue. It may take a bit of time because there are millions of businesses in Australia that use the calculator so don't be distressed if you can't complete your order right away.

New Products for July  12-07-2016

With winter firmly entrenched in the southern hemisphere we thought it might be time to tell our customers about the new products that have arrived in July.

First up - the new version of the AZ Models Supermarine Spitfire Mk VIII (RAAF) which features three RAAF aircraft in a variety of camouflage and markings. The kit is injection moulded plastic with a comprehensive decal sheet and a detailed instruction sheet. The modeller can choose between three Mk VIIIs: A58-631 flown by F/L George Scrimgeour of 457 Sqn, Labuan, Borneo in June 1945; A58-370 from 54 Sqn, operated from Darwin in May 1945 and A58-517 "Hava-go-Joe", flown by P/O Norm Turnbull of 79 Sqn, Morotai in April 1945. Full details can be found by following this link.

We have re-printed two of our earlier decal sheets and up-graded them to screen printed versions; available in both 1/72 and 1/48 scale; the colourful P-40E coded CD-A from 2 OTU and the Boomerang "Miss Albany".

For the 1/72 scale version of our colourful P-40E follow this link and for the 1/48 scale version use this link.

For the 1/72 scale version of Miss Albany use this link and for the 1/48 scale version follow this link.

This July we introduce a new decal sheet which is available in both 1/72 scale and 1/48 scale versions. The sheet covers late-war P-40N Kittyhawks of 75 Sqn. Three distinct airframes have been chosen for this sheet because they each depict interesting camouflage and markings applied to RAAF Kittyhawks toward the end of the war in the SWPA. For the 1/72 scale decal sheet follow this link and for the 1/48 scale version go here.

Last but not least, we want to introduce a new product which we think will prove to be very popular with modellers. Fan fare please - now in-stock is "Roo Grip" Acrylic Model Glue. Designed for use when attaching PE brass parts, vacofrmed canopies, clear resin and plastic parts, (in applications where you want to avoid marring the surface of the clear parts), etc. Roo Grip is a fourth generation acrylic glue which can be easily applied to parts with a damp brush, toothpick or pin. Excess can be easily wicked away with a damp brush and once set if can be easily painted. For details on new Roo Grip follow this link.

In the next couple of months we will have new stocks of the popular DK Decals arriving as well as more black EZ-Line. More new decals from red Roo will be appearing on the website soon. In the mean time, enjoy working on your latest projects to help pass the time during the dark hours.

Back at Work  15-06-2016

We are back from the 2016 model Expo which was a very successful show. Lots of great models and topped off with the release of our long awaited Winjeel kit in 1/48 scale. Check out the details here.

There is a backlog of orders as expected and I will be working through the pile to get them on their way as quickly as possible. Please be patient as it will probably take a few days to achieve this, so please don't think your order has been forgotten.

Red Roo Models Closure 6 Jun - 15 Jun 2016  06-06-2016

Red Roo Models will be trading at the 2016 Melbourne Model Expo and we look forward to seeing our local and interstate customers at the show. We will be closed from Monday 6 June 2016 to allow us to pack up the shop and prepare for the model expo. We will re-open on 15 June 2016 post-expo. Customers may still order with full confidence from our website but orders will not be processed until after the show.

New Arrivals and Reduced Manning in May  06-05-2016

G'Day Modellers,

Today we have three new arrivals in store. First up we have just received the re-issued AZ Models Auster A.O.P. Mk III/K-61 kit in 1/72 scale. This injection moulded plastic kit features plastic parts (understandable really), a resin part, a full colour instruction sheet and decals for 3 versions, including No. 17 AOP Flight, RAAF, August 1945. For full details have a look here.

We have also just received supplies of the new DK Decals 1/72 scale Piper L4/NE-1 decal sheet which covers 15 WWII camouflage schemes. Includes in these are three aircraft operated by 4 Squadron RAAF in New Guinea during 1945. For details about this decal sheet follow this link.

We have an extremely limited supply of Planet 1/48 scale CA-15 kits just in. Unfortunately there has been a price increase due to the ructions of the Australian dollar and the Reserve Bank. Check out the details here.

From 6 May 2016 till 8 June 2016 we will be operating under reduced staffing here at Red Roo. I will be taking some time off as I have family visiting from overseas for the month. Orders will still be processed but it may take a few days longer for the items to be sent out to you so please be aware of the possibility of small delays.

More new stuff for March  14-04-2016

We have just finished packing new stock of our 1/48 scale CAC CA-9 Wirraway Mk II Detail Set and they are now available. As well we have obtained a limited number of Special Hobby 1/48 scale CA-9 Wirraway kits which we are offering in a Special Combo Pack for a limited time. Check out the Combo Pack here.

For details on the Red Roo 1/48 scale Wirraway Detail Set have a look here.

The 1/72 scale Boomerang detail sets are back online - take a look here.

New Arrivals at Red Roo Models for March  5-04-2016

To start the ball rolling this month we have just received a batch of new DKD Decals in 1/72 and 1/48 Scales. The 1/72 scale decals are pretty diverse, covering subjects such as RAAF B-24 Liberators, Bristol Beaufighters, PBY Catalinas in both military and civil guise. The sole 1/48 scale sheet this month features a mix of Number 100 Group (RAF) aircraft. For information on the 1/72 scale decals have a look here:

For information on the 1/48 scale decals have a look here:

We have also got another shipment of Special Hobby 1/72 Wirraway kits in. We have just re-released the 1/72 scale RFD Winged Target kit. For all the details on this kit follow the link below:

We are packing a new batch of 1/48 scale Wirraway Detail Sets (for the 1/48 scale Special Hobby kit) and these will be available shortly. We are also preparing more 1/72 scale Boomerang Enhancement Sets - we will let you know when these come online.

Recently we have been receiving a number of inquiries regarding the 1/48 scale Vampire FB.31 Conversion which was designed for the Classic Airframes Vampire kit. We have now completely exhausted our remaining supplies of this conversion and it is deleted from the Red Roo catalogue. A number of years ago we sold this conversion and all associated rights to Alley Cat in the UK. All inquiries regarding this conversion should be directed to Alley Cat.

That's all for now. As they say in the classics, "stay tuned for further developments".

New arrivals for January  07-01-2016

We hope that you have had a refreshing and happy break from the hectic activity that is modern life these days and that you enjoyed the holiday break. Hopefully suitable amounts of plastic found their way to your stocking!

We kick off 2016 with a resupply of Wako Creative fibre pilot's harnesses in 1/32, 1/48 and 1/72 scales. Unfortunately due to the issues our dollar seems to be having on the international exchange playing field the price for these items has increased. Where an increase is not seen on the website it is because we still have old stock to cycle through. When the old stock is exhausted the new replacements will undergo the price rise. Check out all the Wako Creative products here.

We will shortly be recieving fresh supplies of EZ-Line Fine Charcoal thread. In the mean time several of the popular CMR 1/72 scale resin kits have arrived in as have some examples of the Planet 1/48 CA-15 kit. Work is well underway on the next book and the next couple of decal sheets and conversion so you can look forward to exciting new releases in the first half of the year.

New Releases At Red Roo  19-11-2015

We have returned from the 2015 Scale ACT Model Expo in Canberra which was excellent. We are now concentrating on shifting the backlog of orders that built up while we were away.

This month there are three new products released:

First, the long awaited 1/72 scale Lincoln Enhancement Set which is designed to supplement the Blackbird Models Lincoln Conversion which is designed for the Airfix Lancaster B.II kit. Our enhancement set includes details not addressed in the Blackbird conversion: the two styles of mid upper turret dome, correct rear turret, correct armament for the Australian Lincolns, strike camera, radio altimeter aerials, gun laying radar mount, etc. Check out the details here.

Next up we have the new 1/72 scale decal sheet - Away Team 4: RAAF Mustangs of the BCOF. This sheet features 10 aircraft from the RAAF Squadrons in the British Commonwealth Occupation Forces stationed in post-war Japan. The sheet provides sufficient national markings to build every one of the ten subjects depicted. Check out the details here.

Finally, the 1/48 scale decal sheet - Away Team 4: RAAF Mustangs of the BCOF. This decal sheet is identical to thew 1/72 scale version. Check out the details here.

RAAF C Class Empire Flying Boat Conversion Released  21-09-2015

Today we have great pleasure in announcing the release of our long awaited RAAF C Class Empire Flying Boat Conversion. This conversion has taken over nine months of solid research, print design and prototype creation to bring to fruition. The conversion consists of three resin parts (one of which is clear), 12 brass castings, one scribing template, a comprehensive decal sheet that includes decals for all five aircraft operated by the RAAF during WWII and an 18 page, full colour instruction sheet. Each of the five aircraft has a minimum two-page spread devoted to camouflage and marking schemes, including the various camouflage and markings schemes worn at different times during the aircraft's service life. For full details go here.

Notice to German Customers  04-09-2015

Recent changes to EU Regulations regarding sales to Germany have required an amendment to our Terms and Conditions page. If this is relevant to you please follow the link at the bottom of the home page for more information.

Red Roo No Longer Accepts PayPal  27-07-2015


As of today (27 July 2015) Red Roo Models is no longer accepting PayPal as a means of payment for orders placed on the website or by PayPal Invoice or PayPal Requests.

Customers wishing to pay by credit card are instead provided with our secure e-Path payment page. This page is easy to use, encrypted, secure and PCI compliant and has been available on our website as an alternative means of secure on-line payment since the introduction of the re-designed website almost six years ago. It fully complies with Australian law and the Australian Payments Clearing Association requirements.

This has come about over the last few days when PayPal, without warning or explanation, began withholding funds received from customers as payment for their orders. Subsequent inquiries indicated that a new policy of forcing merchants to become “preferred sellers” (which had previously been associated with eBay) after a lengthy waiting period and thereafter accept a slow release of funds had been introduced. PayPal has further attempted to impose their preferred method of shipping on Red Roo Models and our customers via trackable post or couriers. We already offer our customers a choice of trackable and express postage (also trackable) within Australia and standard Air Mail or trackable international postage outside Australia (available at a higher postage charge). Adopting the PayPal requirements means our customers would have no choice but to pay higher postage fees and we would have to change our shopping cart to delete many of the shipping choices our customers currently may choose from. We would also no longer be able to link to the Australia Post Postage Calculator API, meaning we would have to introduce “blanket” charges.

PayPal claims this is all designed to make it “safer” for customers. After 20 years of on-line trading we say this is rubbish – we have established a solid reputation for quality, value for money and honesty by successfully selling in over 25 countries around the world.

We are currently undertaking the creation of a new “all in one” e-gate payment solution for our website which we believe will meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

All orders paid for using PayPal prior 27 July 2015 will be completed and shipped to our customers. All orders paid for using the e-Path secure hosted payments page will be processed as usual.

As soon as the new paygate is completed we will switch it on.

PBM-5 Martin Marriner Conversion Released  18-03-2015

Our new 1/72 scale PBM-5 Martin Mariner Conversions have been released today. The conversion is supplied with Caracal decals and is available as either Part 1, which features two PBM-5 flying boats, or Part 2, which features three PBM-5 flying boats.

Check out the details here.

New ARDU Project Ingara Dakota Conv - 1/72  30-10-2014

We have just released our new I/72 scale mixed media conversion of the ARDU Project Ingara Dakota which is designed for the Italeri/Airfix (re-issue) kit. Full details can be found here:

We will also shortly be releasing our new aerials and antennas pack in both 1/72 and 1/48 scales. This small accessory pack will feature a variety of aerials and antennas found on numerous aircraft in WWII and since. The packs will command a modest price and provide components made from brass, photo-etch and resin.

We are currently preparing for the Canberra Model Expo on 15-16 Nov 2014 and we look forward to seeing all our Canberra and Sydney customers at the show.

Our recent visit to Prague delivered good results and we can report that the Winjeel project is well on track. More news to follow soon.

We have placed orders to replenish stock consumed at the SA Model Expo and the affected items will be progressively turned on as new stock arrives.

In order to keep up with all the latest hot gossip why not sign up for our periodic newsletter - you can do this either on the home page on at the checkout page.

Admin Dept  13-08-2014

Over the last few days there has been an access issue with the Australia Post Interface and the Postage Calculator's performance has been a bit hap-hazzard to say the least. This is a systemic issue with Australia Post and we cannot do anything about it. Australia Post will have their IT team working on it as heaps of on-line businesses in Australia use their postage calculator.

If you get an error message or the postage calculator does not appear during your checkout procedure please telephone us and we can process the order over the phone.

We are hoping that the issue will be resolved today and everything will be back to normal.

New Decal Sheet In Stock  20-07-14

We have just released our companion Red Kangaroos - All Scale decal sheet. This sheet is identical to our original Black Kangaroos sheet, except that the kangaroos are red (well, the name is a bit of a give away). The decal sheet is very moderately priced at AU$10 (excluding GST) and will be suitable for use on armour, ships, military vehicles and the like. They can also be used a zap marks on aircraft. For more details visit the website and look here.

The other really good bit of news is that our Black Magic decals fix has finally arrived. Yes, the slow boat via everywhere else in the world finally docked in Melbourne and we got our decals. If you recall when we released the Black Magic Kittyhawk decals in 1/72 and 1/48 scales we were not aware at the time that the legend "Black Magic" was applied to both sides of the lower nose cowl. Once we confirmed that this was indeed the case, the legend appeared on both sides, we set about creating a fix for all our customers who may still have their original sheet in storage. The correct left and right hand side legends are on a small sheet which is available free to our customers. As of today, all purchases of the decal sheet will have the fix included.

For those customers who reside in Australia and want to get the Black Magic Fix sheet should use the following procedure. Simply send a stamped, self addressed envelope (SSAE) to our PO Box (the address is shown on our newsletter email and one the home page of the website as well as on the About Us page). Please make sure you write either 1/72 or 1/48 on the back of the SSAE so we know which scale to send you. Alternatively, if you are placing an order just use the Contact Us page to send a message saying you want us to include the fix with your order - be sure to quote the order number generated by the shopping cart so we add the fix to the package we send out to you.

International customers should forward a self addressed envelope with an International Reply Coupon which you can obtain from your local post office. Please write either 1/72 or 1/48 on the back of the envelope so we can send the right fix decal to you.

Our next Away Team decals (Away Team Part 4) will be released in a few weeks. Once again we will continue the theme of RAAF aircraft operating away from Australia and the decal sheets will feature sufficient national markings to allow the modeller to build every one of the subjects covered by the sheet. More details soon - once we have finished packing the decals.

Return of Another Old Favourite and Introducing Wako Models Creative Aircraft Pilots Harnesses  13-04-2014

The Red Roo 1/48 Scale Boston Tropical Cowling Conversion returns to stock today in response to numerous requests for this product which has been off our production list for some considerable time. This set will allow the modeller to represent many of the early RAAF Bostons. What's more - we have managed to hold the price down to a similar level to the previous edition. Full details here.

We are also introducing a new product to the store today which we think will prove of great interest to the modeller. This is the amazing selection of pilot's harnesses manufactured by Wako Models Creative of Japan. The brand is well known for an extensive range of accessories in Japan but we reckon this is certainly the first time the aircraft accessories have been offered in Australia. A very nifty product that is well worth a look. Check out the range here.

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