Red Roo PB2B-2 Conversion, with decals – 1/72


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This product is something a little unusual for Red Roo in that it is a resin conversion designed for the 1/72 scale Academy PBY-5 kit and it includes decals.

A 14 page instruction sheet covers the conversion in great detail, with special attention paid to antennae, turrets, nose modifications and camouflage and markings. Three wartime ‘Black Cats’ are featured, one late WWII support aircraft and the famous ‘Frigate Bird’ flown by Captain P.G. Taylor on his pioneering Australia-South America survey flight. The decal sheet is beautifully printed; thin, perfect register and accurate colour rendition, with super attention to detail. Comprehensive colour profiles provide the modeller with accurate guides for positioning and camouflage finishes.

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Dimensions 29 × 21 × 7 cm