Best Arma Hobby Kit Online Competition

The importers of Arma Hobby kits, Red Roo Models ran a Best Arma Hobby kit competition at the Melbourne Model Expo in 2019, the Adelaide SAPMA show and ScaleAct 2019 in Canberra. We actually had trophies made to include Model Expo 2020 but in case anyone has not noticed, it is cancelled.

We don’t want to waste a perfectly good trophy so we have decided to run an online competition. The winner will get, presumably, the only trophy to be awarded at Expo 2020 and an Arma kit of their choice.

The competition starts from the moment you read this notice and finishes on 31 July 2020.

Who can enter?

Any modeller in Australia can enter.

How to enter. Register by sending an email to or simply stating your name, street address and the kit you propose to build. Before July 31 send up to six photos of your finished build for judging quoting your registration number. The Red Roo team will judge the kits loosely based on the Expo system with an allocation of points for


Attention to detail (effort)



Indeed it is pretty close to ‘eyeball judging’ but with a conscious effort to systematise it to the extent that you can when judging from photos. The Red Roo judging team are all experienced modellers and will judge it as fairly and impartially as they can and have some fun at the same time – which is what we want you to do as well!

What are the judges looking for?

Judges are looking for the following:

Construction – unfilled seams, ejector pin marks, glue

marks, misaligned parts, gaps and ‘sprue-dags’.

A – Badly misaligned parts, obvious seams, glue marks

B – Work has been done to clean up the construction, less obvious seams etc. but still some defects easily visible.

C – No noticeable defects on looking at the model.

Attention to detail (effort) – Extra care has been taken with kit detail, what extra effort has been taken with modified models. Of course the modeller can achieve high marks here with an OOB build

A – No effort has been made for details or additions

B – Some effort has been taken with details or additions

C – A large amount of effort has been taken with details and or additions.

Finish – Sanding marks, silvered decals, dust in the paint, orange peel paint, inconsistent paint finish, brush strokes, paint runs, overspray.

A – Many defects in the finish are visible.

B – A few defects are evident in the finish of the model.

C – No defects are readily visible in the finish.

Reference – The modeller may provide a Word Document or PDF pointing out what references they have used and embed a few in-progress pictures in the document or provide a link to a WIP on a modelling forum

A – No reference provided

B – Some basic references provided.

C – Extra references provided by the entrant which are relevant to the subject.


We will establish a Gallery on the web site and display a selection of photos, starting with in-progress ones and moving to finished ones. There was no trophy awarded at SAPMA 2019 so the best entrant from SA will get a retrospective trophy!