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Coronavirus Update – delays in shipping

We have been advised by Australia Post that there are delays with shipping both in and out of Australia to pretty much the rest of the world. Here at Red Roo we are continuing to dispatch all orders as per normal. Overseas customers need to remember that there may be delays in their package arriving. We are not able to do anything about this and we sympathize with our customers because we are also affected by this – we have four cartons of stock “in transit” somewhere between the EU and Australia. We hope that things will gradually get back to normal by the end of the year. In the meantime Australia Post is doing their very best to get parcels on the move and out to customers overseas. There is no significant delay with domestic parcels here in Australia.

16 April 2020

Best Arma Hobby Kit Model Online Contest

Because the 2020 Melbourne Expo was cancelled we decided we did not want to waste a perfectly good trophy we have commission for the Best Arma Hobby Kit is show. The result is our online competition. Please have a look at the dedicated page to get all the gen on what is required, entry conditions, judging criteria, and the gallery.

17 April 2020

New shipment of DK Decals

We have had a small shipment of DK Decals come in this week, so take a look at the DK Decals page.

17 April 2020

Update on Shipping Overseas – USA

The situation with regard to shipping goods to the USA is not any better than previously addressed on the 16 April update on this page. In fact, Australia Post will no longer accept letters or Economy Air Mail parcels or any service requiring a delivery signature to any destination in the USA. The delivery time is now around 65 days. Customers can still place their orders but should be aware of the extended shipping time and the fact that their desired class of air mail postage may not be offered by the Australia Post Postage Calculator so they may have to opt for a more expensive method. Please do not email us about not being able to select a suitable class of postage because we do not control this.

25 June 2020

New Arrivals Limited Stock of DK Decals and AVIModel Kits

We have just received two of the five cartons that have been stranded somewhere between the EU and us for the last 3-4 months because of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this shipment there were some limited numbers of DK Decals and AVIModel 1/72 scale Puss Moths. Check the relevant pages for more details. Please be aware that these boxes are much smaller than the normal cartons our suppliers ship to us so fewer items can fit into them. Some countries in the EU are still not accepting anything for shipping to Australia and New Zealand.

27 July 2020

Best Arma Hobby Kit Competition Extended

Because of the lock-down restrictions currently in force in Melbourne it may be some time before we can get together to do the judging for the contest so we have decided to extend the entry period to August 30, 2020. We look forward to receiving more entries in this online competition.

27 July 2020

Coronavirus Lock-down Update – We’re still in business!

As we are an on-line mail order business run from home we can continue to supply our customers. The Post Office we use to lodge our parcels is within the 5km radius and will remain open during the Stage 5 restrictions. There have been some changes; obviously visitors are no longer permitted and there may be some delays to shipping due to restricted activity here in Melbourne. The Best Arma Hobby Kit on-line competition has been extended till the end of August because we can’t get together to do the judging. Don’t let the extra time go to waste and if you have not already sent us your entry do it now!

Shipping to overseas customers appears to be a little better in that packages are arriving at their destination. As there are very few aircraft operating into or out of Australia orders are going via circuitous routes, often by sea, which means there are delays. Of greater impact is the difficulty we still face in getting stock from our suppliers, most of whom are located in the EU, UK and USA. Where you see items marked as “out of stock” the short answer to your questions is “yes, we have ordered more and we don’t know when we will get them.” If you have not already done so sign up for our newsletter and you will find out when new stuff goes up on the website as soon as it happens.

5 August 2020


Best Arma Hobby Kit Competition Extended

There are two new entries in our online Best Arma Hobby Kit Competition. To check out these excellent builds go to the Gallery page and scroll through the entries. Remember, there are only a few days left for the competition to run as it closes at 5pm on the 31st of August. If you have a late entry, better get cracking and email the three photos of the finished model to us now!

27 August 2020

Shipping to Some Countries Suspended

Australia Post has suspended shipping to some countries because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lack of flights to and from them. This results in an error message when selecting a postage class that advises that no shipping data is available.

Also, we have recently experienced difficulty replying to emails from South American countries due to issues with the email address. If ordering from these countries please use a simple and short Gmail, Hot Mail or Outlook address.

2 January 2021

Discount Voucher Scam

It has come to our attention that multiple sites found on a Google search on the Internet are offering discount vouchers, not only for Red Roo Models but Metro Hobbies, Hearns, The Hobbyman, Hobbyco, etc. These vouchers are fake and will not work. We would suggest that you do not even open the website. We presume that they are collecting email addresses.

30 June 2021

Christmas and New Year Office Hours


Our office will be closed from 24 Dec 2021 to 5 January 2022. The website will function as usual but orders will not be processed until 5 January 2022. During the holiday period the phone will most likely be unattended so please leave a message. We wish all of our customers a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year and look forward to the New Year.

22 December 2021